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Deionized water machine DI-200L

Quick Overview

The pre-treatment system includes a quartz sand filter, an activated carbon filter, and a PP cotton core fine filter.

DI water generating process:
DI water generating process

  Pure water system unit composition and operation

The pre-treatment system includes a quartz sand filter, an activated carbon filter, and a PP cotton core fine filter.

1、 quartz sand filter

(1). Purpose

Suspended matter in quartz sand water is smaller particles. It can be seen by the naked eye that these particles are mainly composed of sediment, clay, protozoa, algae, bacteria, and high molecular organic matter, and are often suspended in water. When tap water passes through quartz sand, it can remove large particles of suspended solids from water. It can remove the aquatic organisms, plants or microbes in the water, and the scent or astringency of the fish. Residual chlorine remaining in disinfectant water. Ensure the normal operation of the subsequent system. The reduction of residual chlorine in the water plays a significant role in the protection of the softened resin and the membrane module, prolonging the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane and the mixed bed. The filler is granular shell-shell activated carbon.

  (2) Activated carbon filtration: (flushing cycle: 1-2 times every 15 days, depending on local water quality)

Flushing method: a. The quartz sand filter: Put the manual multi-way valve to the backwash position (BACK WASH) and then open the electric box operation panel (manual / stop / automatic) to manual, then open the front switch. (Note: The high pressure pump switch is off) b. After 15 minutes of flushing, turn the multi-way valve to the normal flushing position (FAST RINSE), rinse for 15 minutes, and go back and forth three to five times. (The wastewater that is flushing out is clear and not suspended. After the object), dial FILTER, c, activated carbon filter, and turn the manual multi-way valve to the backwash position (BACK WASH) for 5 minutes, then turn the multi-way valve to the positive flush position (FAST RINSE). Rinse for 15 minutes, back and forth three to five times, (after the effluent is clear and there is no suspended matter), dial to run (FILTER).

  (3), PP fine filter

The filter is the last filter before entering the R.O reverse osmosis unit. It must ensure that the pollution index SDI of the tap water before entering the reverse osmosis unit is stable below 4. Since the pure water recovery rate of the reverse osmosis unit is generally only 50% - 60%. The designed water production is 1T/H.


  2、 Working principle:

(a) PP cotton filter adopts PP cotton filter with 5um aperture. Water penetrates from PP cotton and penetrates through the micropores from the inner tube of PP cotton inner wall to filter out fine particles with larger pore size than the pore size.

(b) After the PP cotton is used for a period of time, more and more impurity particles are trapped outside the outer hole until it fails. At this time, please replace the filter element, otherwise it will pollute the subsequent reverse osmosis equipment. The general replacement period is 1-2. Months (depending on local water quality and water use).


  3、 Maintenance matters:

(a) After the precision filter element is used, the impurities trapped in the micropores will become larger and larger until it fails. Please be careful and replace it at this time. Usually changed once a month, the frequency of replacement depends on the quality of the raw water and the use time of the equipment. The first time can be checked regularly every week. Whether the filter element is completely contaminated and needs to be replaced, after several iterations to determine the appropriate replacement cycle and continue;

Deionized water machine DI-200L specification :




  Machine model



  System water production


  Based on the local city tap water quality water conductivity is less than 300us / cm

  Required water supply

  1500L/H , 0.15-0.3 Mpa

  water conductivity is less than 300us / cm

  Water recovery rate



  Resistivity of produced water



  Machine size



  Machine weight




  380V+10% ,50Hz




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