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Power Oven Series

Quick Overview

PC and PLC controlling system

Windows 10 operation system

Mesh belt and chain conveyor

Brand electrical component CE certificated

Max PCB width: 450mm

Equipped with flux recovery system

Power Oven Series Heating zone

High-Heat, Lead-Free Soldering in a Shorter Tunnel

High-Heat, Lead-Free Soldering in a Shorter Tunnel:
Our revolutionary PowerOven-6 can provide low-, medium-, and high-volume manufacturers in a variety of PCB industries a reliable solution to the challenges posed by lead-free reflow soldering, including higher temperatures and a tighter process window resulting in a low margin for error.

Our 6-zone models are 20%-30% shorter than comparable systems with the same number of zones and commensurate throughput.

They also offer a lower price tag than other options on the market, making them a great choice when factory floorspace and budgetary room are both at a premium. The key to this is a proprietary design that features high-mass heat sources combined with efficient thermal heat transfer capabilities, giving you the uniform heating and exceptional process stability that you’re looking for, even in the face of varying loads.


Precise temperature profiling

Precise temperature profiling:

The PowerOven-6's heating zone temperature controllers have an accuracy of ±1°C and, in conjunction with a high-speed blower adjacent to each heat source for maximum convection, ensure a ΔT of ±2°C across the PCB assembly. The system's diffuser design also provides low-velocity, low-turbulence air flow to prevent component shift or disturbance.


Precise temperature profiling

Precise temperature profiling:

Standard equipped with 3 temperature profiling port, easy for make a profiling test.


Power Oven Series Conveyor System

Advanced Conveyor system

Advanced Conveyor system

No matter your product specification or production requirement, the standard combination 22” (570mm) stainless steel mesh belt and adjustable-rail, pin-type conveyor system supplied with the  Power Oven-6 can handle PCBs up to 17.7’ (450 mm) in size at  maximum. Conveyor speed is programmable in a range of 16”-71” (400-1800mm) per minute to accommodate your needs. We also offer options such as automatic width adjustment of the pin conveyor based on specific reflow program parameter settings.

All of the Power Oven-6’s components are constructed of high- quality, high-strength stainless steel, built to maintain dimensional tolerances at high lead-free processing temperatures while eliminating the possibility of jammed or dropped PCB  assemblies.


Process Managment system

Process Managment system

The Power Oven-6’s Windows-based oven management software includes temperature profiling, timed automatic startup and shutdown, audiovisual alarms, and password protection functionality. The control of this reflow system is accomplished through an easily navigable user interface featuring a full-screen virtual view of the system and a display of preset and actual zone temperatures, system status readings, and conveyor speeds. Every system features a UPS battery backup that  functions in case of a power outage, ensuring the removal of all product from the oven for your safety.

Our PC controller systems offer unlimited storage, networking capabilities, a 15” flat screen monitor, and keyboard and trackball.


Power Oven Series Flux Recovery System

Flux Recovery System + Filtering system

Flux Recovery System + Filtering system

Standard equiped with flux recovery system + filtering system


Power Oven Series Electrical System

Electrical system

Electrical system

High quality parts with CE certificated wiring ensure machine running stably and long service life.

Power Oven Series Specification

System Item Power Oven-6 Power Oven-8 Power Oven-10
Size and power   Dimension (L*W*H) mm   4150*1510*1550   4800*1510*1550   5500*1510*1550
  Weight (Kg)   1700   2100   2300
  Exhaust volume  10m3/min*3(Channel) 10m3/min*3(Channel)  10m3/min*3(Channel)
  Total Power   48KW   60KW   76.5KW
  Start Power   24KW     30KW   33KW
  Normal Power Consumucion   7.5-10.5KW   10-14KW   11-16KW
Heating System   No. of Heating zone   Top6/ Bottom6   Top8/ Bottom8     Top10/ Bottom10
  Length of heating zone 2050mm 2700mm 3400mm
  Warming Time   Approx.25min   Approx.25min   Approx.25min
  Temperature Setting Range Room temperature - 300°C
  Temperature Control Type   PID dosed loop control, SSR driven
  Temperature Control Precision ±1°C
  Temperature difference in temperature Zones Maximum 40°C
  Temperature Deviation on PCB   ±2°C
Cooling System   No. of cooling zone   2
  Cooling Tunnel length   900mm
Conveying System   Conveyor Mesh belt + Pin chain  
  Rail Width Adjust Mode   By motor + by Manual
  Max. PCB size 450mm 450mm 450mm
  Component Height   Top 30mm /Bottom 25mm
  Conveyor Direction     L-R
  Conveyor Height 900±20mm
  Conveyor Speed   400~1800mm/min
  Fixed Rail Side   Front rail fixed
Electrical configuration System   Power Supply 3P, 380V /50/60HZ, subject to technical agreement
 Electrical Control System   Windows OS   Windows 10 English Version

Power Oven Series included:

Standard configuration:

●   Lead Free Reflow Oven

●   Industrial PC + Windows 10 English operating system

●   Automatic lubricating system

●   Flux Recovery system

●   Cooling system

●   UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

●   1 year warranty


1. Central support transmission instead of mesh belt.

2. Automatic rail width adjustment.
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