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Precise resistance soldering machine WZ-04LB

Quick Overview
Spot Soldering System

Precision resistance welding machine using AC-DC-AC-DC conversion technology to implement DC spot welding, compared to frequency AC spot welding technology, DC spot welding high quality, fast welding, energy saving effect, small size, light weight equipment. Using the MCU precise control of welding process, real-time monitoring and display the current welding current and other parameter values.

Inverter resistance welding power supply: DC output. Welding current is pulsating DC, waviness is small, no AC zero cross-heating workpiece shortcomings, heat concentration, improve the thermal efficiency of welding for non-ferrous materials and some difficult welding of welding materials particularly suitable for welding process stability, welding quality Significantly increased. At the same time the electrode life has been extended.By adjusting the size of the air pressure to control the soldering pressure
Using AC-DC-AC-DC conversion technology, making the time control can reach milliseconds and accuracy, control response and control accuracy has been greatly improved.Inverter bridge current automatic shutdown, and enhance system protectionCurrent soldering waveform>
Separate increase pressure adjustment knob:Together with the air pressure to adjust the soldering pressure.Throttle valve: By controlling the cylinder throttle valve to adjust the rise and fall speed
Electrode: The electrode is made of tungsten alloy, has a strong high temperature hardness and strength, at room temperature and high temperature environment has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. And strong antioxidant capacity. Customized soldering electrodes Customized fixture
Three-stage heating setting, with the current slow rise and slow down function, the time is set to (0-250ms or 0-1s), suitable for complex welding process needs.The soldering current is displayed on the LCD screen in real time

Current upper and lower limit setting interface, real-time monitoring current current is beyond the se tting range


Warning interface: Displays the current error

Precise resistance soldering machine WZ-04LB Features

Soldering parameters adjustment and soldering process display by LCD.Intuitive graphical user interface.

Constant current,constant voltage, constant power modes and pulse width control mode.

Trinal pulse waveforms programmed in current, voltage or power control mode. Up & Down Slope control.

Monitoring the seting parameters with up and down limits.

Using IGBT inverter technology, MCU and modern power electronic technology development of new power supply.

Inverter bridge using soft-switching technology, smaller switching losses, reduce electromagnetic interference

20 groups of parameters stored, can be used to store a variety of welding types of product parameters

Inverter bridge current automatic shutdown, and enhance system protection.

Precise resistance soldeing machine specification


Input voltage(V)

rated power(kVA)

Maximum output current(DCA)

Control mode

Duty cycle(%)

Inverter frequency(kHz)





Constant current mode/Constant power mode/Constant voltage mode/Constant pulse width mode



Welding cycle time

Number of soldering pulses

Current ramp-up and ramp-down control

Soldering Parameters Storage Quantity (Group)






20 groups





A multi-strand copper wire is soldered to a copper sheet plated with


A multi-stranded wire was soldered to a nickel-plated copper foil
LED light bar solderingLED light bar soldering
Copper, stainless steel pieces, and so are the hardware with a resistance spot welding

Copper, stainless steel pieces, and so are the hardware with a resistance spot welding

The motor rotor inside the enameled wire and the terminal of the welding, is the use of resistance spot welding
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