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1clicksmt Standard Warranty For New Equipment

New equipment sold by 1Clicksmt is warranted for periods of either one or two years, depending on product category from the date of machine shipped.

Items covered:

1.   All parts for a period of one year, excluding consumable accessories replacement and the parts of routine maintenance for, like. nozzles, belts, filters, heater, etc.

2.   1Clicksmt offers warranty for a period of TWELVE (12) months against device failure and defects on materials or parts of the equipment. (Travel to location and related expenses are customer's responsibility)

3.   Phone/email/remote assitance Technical support to all our customers.

4.   Prior to scheduling an on-site service request, attempts will be made to correct the problem via email, phone and/or online diagnostics.

Items not covered:

1.   damage by misuse, abuse, or use of equipment for other than its designated purpose.

2.   damage by self install without professional

3.   damage by reinstallation of equipment.

4.   damage caused by unauthorized servicing (including upgrades orexpansions) performed on the equipment without prior confirmation by 1Clicksmt

5.   Repairs caused by installation or removal of devices not provided or authorized by 1Clicksmt.

6.   Repairs necessitated by accident, power failure or surge, fire, water, wind, lightning or other natural disasters.


●   If your item has been damaged in transit or become faulty in warranty period, please email us with pictures and serial show the problem

●   We can offer local on-site service in Euope,USA and neighboring.

●   Warranties are non-transferable.


1Clicksmt Out-of-Warranty Service

1Clicksmt provides a variety support options that allow you to continue to receive support, even after warranty for product has expired.

On-site Service

●   For locations of world wide.

●   Travel and related expenses is paid.

●   All replacement parts are paid.

Technical and spare parts Support  

●   We can ship replacement parts for your original equipment.

●   We have stock of parts,even if we don't have it in stock we can make it in the shortest time.

●   All PLC Programs,Operation softwares is free to offer.


1Clicksmt Used Equipment Follow-up Service

1Clicksmt stands by its products with the availability of excellent and continuous support throughout the lifetime of its equipment. We applies to our equipment purchased used from other sources and is applicable exclusively to our following equipment: Selective Soldering Machine, Reflow Ovens, Stencil Printers,Soldering Robot,PCB Handling machine and Wave Solder Machines.

Technical support available for one year by email and/or phone during normal weekday business hours.

Email and Technical Phone support is a dedicated service provided by the 1Clicksmt Service Team.

Standard Warranty

Standard Warranty