• APC Coperation

    “ Thanks very much for 1Clicksmt’s service engineer’s professional onsite training, they are very professional and positive.The B400 wave soldering machine we bought is running in good conditions so far, we are looking forward to see you soon."

  • Emerson Electric

    " We had a very good time during the training at 1Clicksmt’s site. We praised your professional jobs. We are very satisfied with the AR-2530D double station routers and the customized PCB carrier Ultrasonic cleaner due to it’s easy operation and stable function,cheers ! "

    ---Mr.Ramil T. Corpuz
  • GIcircuits

    " We bought a S400 wave  solder machine several years ago and it works great. Also excellent customer support! Would like to get more machines from this supplier in the near future. "

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    1Clicksmt Ltd SMT specialists in the supply of equipment & consumables to the electronics assembly industry, and our Excellence of service is assured.

    For the past 20 years in China, SMT industry has grown from zero to matured.At the same time,the overseas barand machines have been subsrti-tued by local"made in China"machine tremndeously, From simple PCB hangling conveyors to reflow oven,printer,even to AOI machine & SPI machine.From wave solder machine to soldering robot,even to selective soldering machines,From conformal coating material to conformal coat-ing machine potting machine and dispensing machine.Even this storm has swept to pick&place machine which is the core of SMT line,till today 99%LED manufactures in China will use the LED pick&place machine in china.......

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